Headlight Kit (Dual 90mm Hella) Mazda FD RX7


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Concept-7 is proud to offer its dual Hella 90mm Headlight Kit for the FD RX7.

The kit offers powerful, reliable performance and arguably improving styling of the FD.

While other kits offer poor light output, truncated beams, limited adjustability, leaking and other issues the Concept-7 kit offers none of these issues.

The genuine Hella light units supplied in the kit are used by ALMS race teams and can be found in exotic cars like the Saleen S7 and Pagani Zonda.

The light output is at least double that of the original Mazda set-up and the system is completely weatherproof.

The low beams use a 65W projector lens that puts out more light than the factory units.

The high beams are 65W halogen pencil reflectors that throw light extremely far downrange.

Both light units are DOT approved for use on US roads.

The ECE low beam unit is e-marked for use in Europe and can easily be adjusted for LHD or RHD.

The kit is designed to work synergistically with the lines of the FD in all departments.

Both light units have been positioned to sit as high as the components will allow, but on top of that the main beam units (the outer most units) sit 5mm higher than the low beam units (inner most).

This takes into account the rising curve of the FDs wing and allows for maximum exposure of the light beams.

To assist this each light unit is independently fully adjustable to allow for perfect positioning of the beam relative to the car (not the headlight pod).

Although with this design a small amount of bodywork has to be removed, the mounting bracket is designed to maintain the integrity of the area removed.

A point to note, if stock popups need to be refitted they can be.

The kit uses a curved lens to flow with the FDs bodyline and is made from 2mm acrylic.

These are half the weight of glass yet equal to it in clarity, while being up to 17 times more impact resistant.

The lens is resistant to chemicals and is UV stable so no fading or yellowing even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The lens is supplied with a black border and painted to a standard Concept-7 pattern (unless otherwise arranged).

All hardware included in the kit is manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials.

The mounting bracket is made from aluminum and all other items being from stainless steel.

The headlight pods included are made from lightweight fibreglass and are shaped to fit snugly into the reveal.

Removal is a quick simple affair allowing access to the headlight assemblies below.

Concept-7 thanks you for taking the time to read this description about its headlight kit and hopes we can be of service in the future.

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